Blood of the dawn

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The sea was here
In all the blood the dawn had shed
Before we lived, ongoing waves
Will be there after, you and me were
Only walking by the shore at times
Like so many have done and will do.

The red waves gave birth
To what we remember
And will do so. Yet, now I am alone
The murmur of the earth is just for me.
In this hour in this moment
Time has washed itself before my feet

And rinsed other memories of you
And a breeze has cleared the air. To the sea
There is no change that I’m aware of.


Photo contest

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SAM_9884I am taking part in a photo contest. If you like this photo enough, please vote for it: photo contest .

Thank you  🙂


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Waiting to wake up I lived in numbness,
All was flowing by me and through me
As I drifted on in a sea, face down.

No shore would have me, the bright beaches
Were too shallow, the lovely fjords too cold.

Tidal waves crushed my bones,
Numbness, out of reach, I waited
In a dense black mist of knowing
This is being alone.

I think that I woke up now
But I’m not sure. I still taste
The salt of the sea.


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A rage, a twister coming out of the blue sky
But based on what, but made of what? It’s only air,
This devastation from the clouds, heaven’s revenge,
Such is your love. And I can’t shelter anywhere.

A tidal wave to flood the lonely beach, my skin
Was waiting for your touch and I go down once more
As we unite, my hair get’s tangled in your grip.
Such is your love. A twister coming to the shore.

And now the water has calmed down, will you be gone?
Or will you stay? But based on what? I’m always here
In storm and quiet, feel my longing, feel my loins.
Such is my love. And I can feel that you are near.

We move with tides, you: flood and silence inside me,
A raging storm becomes a quiet breeze from sea.

Sea shells

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A million stars fell on the beach,
Each one a thought that never made it,
Moments, faded into dense eternity.

You say: The water is assembling now,
The sky is trembling. It was noticed, all of it.
We won’t live to see results, but let it be this way.

Let’s walk along the shore, my hand in yours,
Go side by side, go far away, before
The sea will find us here where none can stay.

Let’s fade together and become a shell. A star.
A thought escaping from the rising tide. Farewell.


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Roads book 1 is out!

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My third poetry anthology is out!  Roads book 1 is published by Winter Goose Publishers, just like Veritas and Amor.

Roads book 1  🙂